Most sluts covered with one cumshot: 3, but I had to jerk it so hard my hand hurt afterwards!
Best part about my job: Walking around naked, banging sluts all day long.
Worst part about my job: Since I don’t even wear shorts most of the time now, I don’t get to see that look of awe on a slut’s face when I whip out that often anymore.
Slutty bimbos most often underestimate my: Endurance! I’m not kidding, the amount of action I see each day means I can go all night without getting tired OR running dry.
Favourite bimbo: Kim edges it.

Nick used to be a typical beach bum, content with a lifeguard job that allowed him to laze around all day and get himself picked up by sexy ladies that he could wow with the size of his cock and his stamina. At the same time, he didn’t possess much drive or initiative.

But after an incident (well, a couple of them) involving fellow lifeguard and naughty slut Kim, the two of them were posted by their boss Cristina to Morehead Island. And that’s where things started to change for Nick.

In precious little time at all, Nick’s grown much more assertive. Now, he patrols the beach naked, making sluts go gaga over his huge cock and pursuing them aggressively, making bimbo after bimbo worship his schlong. It was Kim that first got him into trouble and sent to the island, and Nick now repays her by drilling her several times a day, often bending her over in the middle of the beach and treating her to a hard anal reaming without caring who sees it.

And yet, despite spending his days knee-deep in pussy, Nick’s not satisfied yet. It was Cristina who posted him to the island, and she deserves to be thanked for it. So the next time she does an inspection, Nick’s plan is to first make her drool over his cock, then make her his slut. And everyone’s gonna see it happen…