Mike: The Magic Pipe

Most cumshots over 24 hours: 12
Most bimbos at the same time: 4, if you only count the ones where I was the only guy
Where I like to put my load: Nothing beats a slut with her face covered with my cum
I work out at: My gym at home
Bimbos can come find me: At the club or on the beach

Mike be built like a brick wall, but he’s not stupid. And as all those bulging muscles suggest, he’s not lazy either.

No, Mike wants to go somewhere in life, to make something of himself. The only problem is that it’s hard to stay ambitious when you’ve got hot, slutty bimbos throwing themselves at you all day long, every day of the week.

When it comes to the bimbos, Mike’s got a type. Obviously, she’s got to be hot and have a pair of tits as big as her head, but she can be white, black, Latina, Asian or whatever, have just turned 18 or be way into her MILF years. What’s really important is the look in her eyes the moment he shows her his absolute monster of a cock. It’s got to be that wild, crazy gleam that proves she’s a genuine sizequeen who can take everything he’s got for hours, until he’s satisfied.

Now, sluts like that – the truly whorish ones – are rare, but Mike’s found quite a few. And those he’s found keep coming back to him for more. For him to fuck them with all his might, again and again, until he leaves them pounded into oblivion with a big smile on their faces and their fuckdoll bodies plastered with his cum.

So Mike’s got plans, and any year now he’ll stop being distracted by super-stacked, big-bootied sluts just begging for a good, hard fucking.