Occupation: Hipster turned stud
My ambition: To fuck every last slut I can find and make good money doing it.
A night out isn’t complete till I’ve: Had at least one bimbo take my cock in her pussy, ass and mouth.
Slutty bimbos most often underestimate: How hard and how long I’m gonna pound them. If she hooks up with me, she better not have anything planned for a long time.
Favourite bimbo: Ask me again when I’ve made every last one of them worship my cock and covered them from head to toe with cum.

A country boy, Jack lost sight of his priorities upon first moving to the big city. Now though, he’s cut his hair, shaved his beard and begun to focus on the two things in his life that are important: pumping iron and reaming bimbos. And he’s looking to make up for lost time by fucking as many of them as he can.

Although he’s in the gym every day, isn’t vanity that drives Jack’s fanatical workout regimen, but rather the way in which any true bimbo melts in his arms when she realises he’s strong enough to toss her around at will and that he completely overpowers her physically. And then how she screams and cums on his thick rod as he does it over and over for hours without allowing any interruptions.

Probably because he didn’t properly devote himself to being a stud at first, Jack is extremely sexually aggressive. Rather than pick-up lines, when he encounters a bimbo for the first time, he prefers to get up close and personal straight away, wowing her with his impressive stature and the massive bulge between his legs. He hasn’t met a bimbo yet that’s been able to turn his massive cock down, and it’s unlikely he ever will.